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Of course! You're reading this, right? Do you think people make random websites just to appease their kid's incredulity?

The ISF was formed by enthusiasts of the game to promote its culture; and to once and for all, stop fights about the rules. Read more about the ISF.

The online app is and always will be 100% free to play. No cost, no in-app purchases and no annoying ads: just Spotto.

The ISF is a not-for-profit organisation. If you would like to donate, it would be much appreciated but in no way necessary. Enjoy!

Find out the full story behind this classic game!

Hats off to our British cousins for that one. Ironically, they also came up with a game in World War II with the same name and a similar objective. However, 'Spotto' is absolutely an Australian icon and the name reflects our creativity, easy-going lifestyle and of course the requirement for every word in Straya to be shorted and appended with the letter 'O'.

One arvo outside the bottl-o, having a smoko with a dero, a garbo, a muso and a journo. Muso got agro, got into a biffo. Banged his head, called an ambo: got some compo. We all looked up and saw something yellow... Spotto!

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, quoth old Billie Shakespeare.

The main difference is that Punch Buggy has a restriction that the cars can only be Volkswagens: specifically Volkswagen Type 1 more commonly known as a 'Beetle' or 'Bug'. Hence the 'Buggy' part of the name.

The 'Punch' bit comes from the punch on the arm other players receive when you see one. You also have to say 'Punch buggy' followed by the colour. For example: "Punch buggy blue!".

This variant of the game is detailed in our Punch Buggy Rules.

No. The ISF recognises that variants of the game known as Spotto or alternatively, Punch Buggy or even the Yellow Car Game, have been known to have counted points with a punch to the arm other players. However, there may be several players in the car and punching multiple players could cause issues.

Moreover, with small children the ability to regulate punches to a 'friendly tap' is effectively impossible. Therefore the ISF relies on a points-based system where the winner is recognised by their high score rather than the soreness of their siblings arms.

Once and for all: gold is not, not, not a type of yellow. Period. But that's only for plain old normal 'gold'. It's a different kettle of fish for the colour metallic yellow or metallic gold. You know who says so? Albert Einstein, that's who. You may be smart but you're not Einstein.

The colour metallic gold is defined as a light olive-brown to dark yellow, or a moderate, strong to vivid yellow but without its metallic sheen, it simply looks like a dirty brown. So metallic gold is OK, flat gold is not.

Here endeth the lesson.