Basic gameplay

The rules are pretty simple: if you see a vehicle that is mostly yellow shout out 'Spotto!' and score a point. Spotto is usually played during long trips but it can also be played on the way to school. Any time is a good time for Spotto: the game that's Always On!

Official rules

The following outlines the rules in detail. These rules are provided as a basis on which to build your own version - every family's is unique. However, all players must agree on any rules that deviate from the below.

  1. The vehicle needs to be mainly yellow: at least 50%. The yellow pinstripe on a black sports car does not make it yellow.
  2. Any shade of yellow is allowed, from metallic yellow to pale sunflower.
  3. Gold is not yellow. See FAQs.
  4. Lime is not yellow.
    Seriously? We had to explain that?
  5. Vehicles 'in uniform' do not count, like school buses and taxis in the USA. Yellow-branded company vehicles are acceptable. The DHL vans for example make great spotting.
  6. Double points are awarded for spotting a pink car and yelling 'Super Spotto!'
  7. Triple points are awarded for spotting a purple car and yelling 'Super Dooper Spotto!'
  8. The car must either be driving, or have a driver inside it. Parked and unattended cars are not allowed.
  9. If you spotto a car and it turns out it doesn't meet the criteria, you lose a point.
  10. Cars move fast: if the spotto'ed vehicle is no longer visible to other players for confirmation, we rely on the Honour System. Be trustworthy or the whole thing falls apart.
  11. Once spotted, that vehicle is not allowed to be used again during that trip.
  12. A trip is defined as the journey between a starting point and a set destination that terminates when the driver removes their key from the ignition and all passengers exit the vehicle. A 'round trip' - such as going to the shops and back - ends when the driver returns home: you can't spotto a car on the way to the shops and then spotto it again on the way back. Driving an hour and half to Nanna's counts as one trip. Driving back from her place is another trip. PS: go visit your Nanna - she misses you!
  13. Spotto is Always On. The game doesn't end. Spotto isn't about winning one game: it's about always winning and proving that you have the sharpest eye on the road.
  14. Sometimes when travelling with a friend you may choose to announce the winner as the player with the most points at the end of the journey. All players must agree to this.
  15. Winning Spotto is not about a prize or trophy. It's about glory and immortality.

Handy tip: Look down side streets, driveways and around corners to make sure you spot elusive or partially hidden gems.

Punch Buggy rules

Punch Buggy is a variant on the original Spotto game: it restricts vehicles to only Volkswagens: specifically Volkswagen Type 1 more commonly known as a 'Beetle' or 'Bug'. Instead of shouting 'Spotto' you need to yell out 'Punch Buggy' followed by the colour of the VW. For example: 'Punch Buggy Blue!'.

Another major difference is that the player who spots the bug correctly gets to punch other players on the arm. This is meant to be more of a friendly 'tap'. Due to the close proximity within the back seat and the sometime ... manic way kids get: opting to go down the punching path instead of the points system is the sole responsibility of the driver. ISF takes no responsibility for any accidents, large or small, that may occur.

Yellow Car Game

Some wonderful people have create a whole website which sets out the rules for the Yellow Car Game. We welcome users to venture forth into the realm of the Ye Olde England to see the specific rules for this version of the game.

Colour variants

Some people like to spice things up and add extra types of Spotto - like making trucks worth more than cars, or adding extra colours on top of yellow, pink and purple. Some includes dogs or windmills. It's your game: play it how you like (just make sure everyone agrees!). Here are some ideas to alter the call-out:

Pink car
PINKO! or even better FLAMINGO!
Green car
Orange car
Purple car
Gold car
LOTTO! OK, so we said, no gold cars but for puntastic fun we can break the rules...
Cute dog?