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  • Brilliant bowling and chocolate for cows (segment starts around 4:30 min)
    Spotto is a game that people play when they're travelling, mostly in the car. The main idea is that you yell out "spotto" when you see a yellow vehicle, and you get a point each time. But, the rules of the game can sometimes be unclear. So, to make the rules super clear, Canberra parents Richard Czeiger and Alexandra Mattinson decided to form the International Spotto Federation. They say the vehicle needs to be mainly yellow, and can be any shade of yellow (but gold and lime are not yellow). They also say official vehicles like schools buses and taxis don't count, and the car must be driving or have a driver inside it – parked cars with no drivers aren't allowed. You also lose a point if you yell 'spotto' but the vehicle doesn't meet the rules. And you have to be honest if the other players don't see the vehicle.
    ABC Kids listen
  • How to Play Spotto
  • How to Play Spotto by David